Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wanted: Your Opinion! (For once...)

It's a rare opportunity, folks. Matt and I just picked up a great 11x7' Persian rug off Craigslist last night, and we're figuring out how/whether it works in our living room. There are several factors to consider, so we figured we'd put it out there for feedback. Here are some rough shots of things are they currently are (including a bit of messiness).

Things to consider:
  • The curtains. Too busy now?
  • The chairs. We always considered recovering the cushions on the mid-century chairs. Should we, and if so, with what color/pattern?
  • The wood trim. We've pretty much decided as of late to repaint the trim in this room white. Matt feels like it dictates the other colors in the room too strongly, as well as darkens the room and walls over all. I like it, but am willing to go for it as I've always liked white trim. Thoughts on this, with the added rug?
  • Wall color. Sounds crazy, but we're considering going white for this as well - perhaps just a teeeeeny shade off from the trim (if it's white). A cool white.
Okay, I know we asked for it. Go nuts!

*Note: I originally posted this on Umbrella Love, my other blog, by mistake, so apologies to the two of you whose posts got deleted. The perils of managing more than one blog!