Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cleanliness: It's Next to Godliness.

Today Matt and I spent a few rare hours cleaning - you know, the kind of stuff most responsible people do every week, more or less, but which we had let go for far, far too long - embarrassingly long, folks. Recently, when I was lying on the floor stretching my back, I rolled my head to the side, and the dust gathered on the floor was like a foreign, desert landscape. Between my traveling 2/3 of the time, and Matt being back in school... it just fell far further down the list of priorities than we ever should have let it.

But it felt great to have a clean space again. Unfortunately I had to hit the road almost as soon as we were done for another shoot, but here are a few quick shots from this afternoon's serenity post-cleaning:

The throw pillows were an Etsy find on Matt's part.

We are trying out the idea of a dining "nook". This corner of the living room tends to get wasted otherwise. We may eventually put a woodstove here. Or a piano. We have very different priorities sometimes. :) I'll leave you to guess who wants which.

We are clearly in sore need of some art; we have yet to dig what we own out from the chaos of our "back room" i.e. "enclosed porch" i.e. "future master bathroom". In my eagerly-anticipated upcoming month off, I'll spend some time looking through some of my photos to print and frame, too.

We desperately need to paint the outside of the house SOON. If you live in Durham or Chapel Hill, and you know us, even vaguely... be prepared to get an invitation to a caulking/painting party very soon. You will be thanked with the requisite beer (or soda) and pizza.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Shake the Frame Indeed

'Cause it's not going anywhere... not with the solid handiwork of Woody Osborne and his talented crew. Here is a little teaser for a hopefully-very-soon-to-come post on the near-completion of our home's siding. For the first time, I can squint my eyes and actually imagine how, someday soon, this might actually be an attractive house. I cannot wait.