Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Truth

Okay, here it is: we really haven't done all that much on the house since we left you. Things got a little crazy; Barrio left to go back home and take care of some things, I (happily) got busy with photo jobs, Matt dove headlong into a difficult semester and subsequently an awesome summer internship. So it's not like we haven't been busy. We've just been enjoying the embrace of a house whose interior is so livable, so pristine, compared to the construction site we'd known since we moved in last August. So, you get used to things: the missed thresholds, the remaining unpainted trim. I know one of these days soon we need a real kick in the butt to get it all finished (we still have three windows resting in our hallway ready to replace old vinyl ones), but in the meantime, life's been full and lovely.

Take this morning, for example. Our new friend Melissa came over with three mangoes and a lesson in how to properly enjoy them.

And yesterday. Yesterday was Lisa's birthday, and James threw her a proper cook-out party.

She danced in the street from about 8:30am until a good while after midnight.

Even Matt couldn't say no.

A couple doors down, we chatted a while with Mr. Joe, Troy, and Mr. Joe's sister who was visiting.

Oh, another thing about spring:

(That's milk - not rabies.)

Another happy dog story: my friend Claudia and I managed to rescue this little pup from a yard nearby where she was forced to live on a tight chain with no grass and barely any room to roam. Aside from some minor, and fixable, health problems, she's doing great - has already learned "sit" in the last few days. I think Claudia is in love. She named her "Clover".

Good ol' Cleveland is doing fine, and enjoying lots of trips out to the farm for swimming.

I hope that next time I see you, I'll have something house-related to report: our windows got installed, say, or we hired a contractor to finish the siding. In the meantime, have a great summer, everyone!